Amanda Roth

is a photographer,

and meal sharer.

She spent many years believing she didn't have a creative bone in her body. She's since learned that her heart comes alive in making art. When she's not taking photos, she can be found writing her first short story, organizing an Extravagant Dinner, attempting to teach herself how to watercolor, curating a new Spotify playlist, or digging in the garden.

Since she began photographing professionally in 2012, Amanda has become known for her ability to capture authentic, candid, and emotional photographs.

Amanda lives in the Seattle area with her bearded husband, Brandon, and chubby-cheeked son.

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In late 2017, I ditched my pro FB and IG photography accounts in favor of... well... not having them. You can check out my sporadic personal Instagram posts here: @amandaroth

You can also reach me via the contact form to the right and the email icon below. 

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